Day by Day

27 May 2018


We’ve made it to half term! Our time seems to have mainly be consumed by Lanky Dude’s EPQ and impending A level, and Rhythm Dude’s chemistry exam.  I have sometimes pined for the pre exam years when we could all bundle into our van, complete with picnic and audio book, and head out for the day, or slap on the sun cream and enjoy the beauty of our local countryside.

The girls have done a fair bit of self learning, reading, listen to audio books, creative play and craft.  I used to get worried if I had just a week when I felt I wasn’t giving s child a “proper” education.  However, I now have a much longer term view; there will always be seasons when I have to focus on one child at the expense of another, but it swings back later.

I’ve also read repeatedly how important it is to give children space to play, and be “bored” as this is what sparks their creativity.  In our frantic modern world, it’s something I’ve always made an effort to preserve.

One sunny morning this week the girls and I set out on a wild flower hunt; we found some to identify and draw in nature journals, but far more exciting was the mother and baby goat we saw in a field, and the baby ducklings.

We are all tired, Rhythm Dude is suffering with hay fever, Lanky Dude is revising hard , (though at present is out with a friend), and we are in need of a rest.  It’s been lovely to have some unexpected sunshine, and I’m already enjoying the slower pace of half term.

1 thought on “27 May 2018”

  1. Lovely pics. You will all get through the pressure of exams. But I feel your tiredness. Really like the new headings you have created for this blog.


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