History and geography

North America September/ October 2018

Our first stop on our whistle-stop-picture-book-tour-of-the-world was North America. We mainly focused on USA, but Sparkly Eyes enjoyed finding out about the huskies (her favourite dog) in Canada. As well as these books, I used postcard templates from Activity village...                     activityvillage.co.uk and we watched a… Continue reading North America September/ October 2018

Day by Day, Nature study and science

Chemistry – mass and weight November 2018

I always think the concept of mass versus weight is a difficult one, especially as we generally use the terms interchangeably in our every day language. Mass is the amount of matter in an object, and weight is the force of gravity acting on it. So, Dancing Toes' mass will be the same whether she… Continue reading Chemistry – mass and weight November 2018

History and geography

Around the world in a year of picture books

Inspired by listening to Jules Verne's "Around the world in eighty days" on audible over the summer holidays, I decided to do a whistle stop tour of the world over this next year, using picture books (they take less time to read than chapter books), an atlas, a globe, puzzles, games and activity sheets. Below… Continue reading Around the world in a year of picture books