Day by Day, History and geography

Shakespeare’s Schoolroom – visit August 2019

I had been looking forward to our visit to Shakespeare's School room in Stratford on Avon, and as I sat on one of the benches and began listening to the "lesson", I found myself scrabbling in my handbag for scraps of paper on which to take notes. I was quite caught out by how… Continue reading Shakespeare’s Schoolroom – visit August 2019

Day by Day, Foraged food

Sloe Gin – September 2019

The sloe is the fruit of the blackthorn, sometimes known as wild plum. They line the hedgerows in the autumn, jostling with blackberries as the most sought after fruit. The blackberry usually wins as sloes can't be eaten straight from the bush. They can, however, be turned into sloe gin, a warming winter drink. Its… Continue reading Sloe Gin – September 2019

Day by Day, Home ed ponderings

Home ed to college ed – Part 2 September 2019

As I walked along the promenade of this particular Victorian sea side town last week, my heart and prayers were spilling over with thankfulness. This is the place where Lanky Dude and I sat outside a cafe two years ago, marking the occasion of his enrolment to college. It is the place I have paced… Continue reading Home ed to college ed – Part 2 September 2019