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Fun with chickens – May 2020

We are gradually starting to recover from the covid virus but I am surprised quite how tired HWH and myself are. Each time I try to do too much, my body tells me. It is an enforced lesson in slowing down, in unproductivity, in being rather than doing. I’ve tried reading aloud again to the girls, but I tire very quickly. I was, however, able to enjoy the online #freetolearn home education conference. There was an interesting talk about self directed learning, so that is what we are doing now…or as one of my friends said, going feral. (in as much as one can within the confines of home and garden).

I’ve always been quite structured with our home ed, so it will be an interesting experiment. I think they are missing the normal rhythm of our days, but Dancing Toes has started making a cross stitch sampler and written this blog post today. So…I’m open to being enlightened!

She writes…

We have 5 chicken at home; they are called Penny, Shadow, Storm, Misty and Sally. They lay beautiful eggs. We used to have a chicken that laid green eggs. There is a picture of her later. Her name is Speckles and she had one green eye and one brown. We have had lots of chickens, sometimes six at a time. We have also raised chicks before; they were so cute.

This is Storm ⬆️. This was a picture of her from a few years ago.
Here is my best friend Speckles who used to belong to my brother but now she has left us sadly 😢. She looked like a queen and was very kind. She wouldn’t peck at the other chickens if they nicked her apples but she didn’t like pears.

We have had so many different breeds of chickens and they where all so lovely. Here are some funny pictures of them. I think most of them are the chickens we have now.

No wonder she’s Mum’s chicken.
It’s a bit chilly outside.
What’s up sis?
My feet are cold.
Mummy’s beans look yummy
This is new.
Talking like old friends.
Grub’s up .
Pathway of chickens.

3 thoughts on “Fun with chickens – May 2020”

    1. Sally is named after a wonderful lady /speaker/ author called Sally Clarkson who came to stay with us, Penny is the colour of a penny coin, Misty and Storm are those sort of colours, and shadow is shadowy…not very imaginative really!


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