About Us



I’m Molly. I live with my hard working husband, four high energy children, six dippy hens (one of whom is definitely crazy), two very tolerant guinea pigs, four (at the moment) cute piglets, and a sadly empty beehive due to our bees realising they would be better looked after by someone else.

Mothering hasn’t always been a straightforward journey for me, which I guess is why I feel so passionately about it. I love being a Mum and feel truly blessed with my amazing family.

I have a Christian faith, and know it is only by the grace (totally undeserved goodness) of God that I am able to write about mothering at all. I love the freedom of prayer that we have as Christians; I can, and do, pray about anything, any time, no matter how small or large it may be, and I know my Heavenly Father is listening.

Parenting is such an adventure. We home-school our children, which is a huge privilege. We have two boys and two girls; two by birth and two by adoption. Between them they are creative, loud, messy, reflective, curious, deep thinkers, inventive, energetic, lovers of the great outdoors, of stories and of music. Life is never boring, rarely quiet, often challenging and  invariably funny.

Living in the countryside I’m very aware of the seasonal changes which unfold around us, and deeply appreciate the beauty of Creation.  A Bible verse which often seems applicable to my mothering journey is a well known passage from Ecclesiastes.

”There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

There is much wisdom in this passage, and I’ve learnt that there are seasons in my life, and especially in the life of our family.  Sometimes the hard ones seem to go on forever, but they do pass and a new one begins. In amidst all the busyness, the clutter, the  piles of laundry and meals to cook, I’m aware the time when our children are young is infinitely precious.

I truly believe that this is the most significant job I will ever do; my small part in raising the foundations of the next generation. I make many mistakes, come to the end of my reserves often, but, with all my heart, I want to do the very best I can. And know I can rely on God’s grace to fill in the many gaps.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this; I hope it may bring a few smiles, and even some encouragement along the way,

Molly xx

September 2020

I realise I wrote the above some years ago now. Seasons change. Both boys are way taller than me. Both girls are way louder than me. HWH and myself still don’t get enough quiet time together. The garden is still overgrown.

Lanky dude has just completed a gap year post A levels in which he worked/was furloughed at a local engineering firm. He’s about to start his next exciting adventure; a degree in electrical mechanical engineering at the University of Bristol.

Rhythm Dude is nailing some amazing results at college and continues with his sports science course. I feel truly blessed to still be part of their everyday lives.

So, we have a girls orientated homeschool now, which is different and lovely.

I continue to be a learner on this parenting journey, and feel humbled and encouraged by those of you who read my jottings. Thank you and bless you. X