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Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

I seem to have missed a couple of Sundays. We were away last week end and had lovely guests to stay plus a youth camp the week before. It’s also a busy time for any gardener; watering, successional sowing, harvesting and preserving. The book launch activities continue, including some podcast opportunities. A couple of weeks… Continue reading Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

Day by Day, Foraged food, self sufficiency

Towards self sufficiency – March 2022

I’ve always had a yearning to be self sufficient; I grew vegetables in pots when living in rented city homes, I read books describing the challenges and adventures of those who lived off the land and the 1970’s iconic series “The Good Life” is still a favourite of mine. When we finally moved out to… Continue reading Towards self sufficiency – March 2022

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Sausages and hams October 2019

This is not strictly foraged food...we no longer live in the days when one could head off into the woods, bow and arrows slung over the shoulder, and hunt down a wild boar. However, it is part of our seasonal living, an autumn tradition, and it's fun! We generally get our weaners in the spring… Continue reading Sausages and hams October 2019

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Sloe Gin – September 2019

The sloe is the fruit of the blackthorn, sometimes known as wild plum. They line the hedgerows in the autumn, jostling with blackberries as the most sought after fruit. The blackberry usually wins as sloes can't be eaten straight from the bush. They can, however, be turned into sloe gin, a warming winter drink. Its… Continue reading Sloe Gin – September 2019

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Wild garlic bread April 2019

One of Dancing Toes' lovely  homeschool friends came for lunch this week, and we planned a meal around wild garlic; wild garlic and stinging nettle soup, wild garlic bread and wild garlic scrambled eggs. We were given the idea of the bread by another of Dancing Toes' delightful home school friends. She had made it… Continue reading Wild garlic bread April 2019

Day by Day, Foraged food, Nature study and science

Stinging nettle and wild garlic soup April 2019

This is just a version of stinging nettle soup Stinging nettles are best to eat at this time of year (and maybe sting the hardest too!), so it's a other seasonal one. I tend to pick only the top third of the nettle. Then by pouring boiling water over them, their stinging power is curtailed.… Continue reading Stinging nettle and wild garlic soup April 2019

Day by Day, Foraged food, Nature study and science

Wild garlic soup April 2019

We have such an abundance of wild garlic around us, I've been trying to come up with different ways to consume it. Some are more popular than others. Myself and HWH loved this one, but younger kids were not so keen! I simply fried and onion, added some diced potato, and once softened threw in… Continue reading Wild garlic soup April 2019

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Elderflower cordial. June 2018

June always brings an abundance of white, frothy elderflowers to our hedgerows. Although I welcome Mayflowers (hawthorn), elderflowers are more delicate and beautifully fragranced. Part of our annual rhythm involves making elderflower cordial. It’s fun and easy. I always used to make it in time for Lanky Dude’s birthday, to give to the mums of… Continue reading Elderflower cordial. June 2018