Home ed ponderings

Routines & the Rhythms of Life

After about eleven years of home-schooling, I (Molly) am probably more enthusiastic about it than when we began. I’ve learnt so much along the way, I’ve made many mistakes, I’m often very tired, but mostly I’m just so grateful that I can spend these years with our children; being so directly involved with the way their characters develop, their journeys of faith, and of course the joy of seeing their natural curiosity for the world develop into a lifelong love of learning. This may sound a bit unrealistic, but it develops over years, in the midst of our ordinary, mundane and often messy lives. And that’s part of the joy of it! It’s a journey and we certainly don’t have to be anywhere near perfect. We want to teach our kids to be able navigate real life, and a real family, with real issues, immersed in a real community can be a very good place to start.

I’ve been wondering how to go about writing about home ed. So, I’m going to slowly start answering some of the questions either myself or others have asked over the years. And I hope it throws some light on this particular way of doing life together.


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