Day by Day

21 January 2017


Well, in a week of yet more momentous political and world events, our lives plod on with small victories, minor battles and a thankfulness that we have the freedom to live this way. Lanky Dude sat second maths paper on Tuesday. Another early morning, with me more nervous than usual, as I knew he was also getting his physics results back that morning. I’d decided not to tell him, until after the exam, so as not to distract his focus. One of the lovely homeschool group mums had invited me round for coffee, while our respective sons sat their exams. So, I received the email while at her home. While I really don’t think exam results are a good measure of much of what I think is important, they are what most people measure us by, and so a good one does somewhat vindicate the educational path we are taking. And…he got an A*! And not only that, but his percentage uniform mark was 90%! Amazing. I am so proud of him….he did work very conscientiously, but I also give thanks to God, and am very relieved and grateful. At the other end of the spectrum, I forgot to put a nappy on Sparkly Eyes the previous night, and she was dry! Just as well, as kind Granny was getting her up while we were heading for the exam. Rhythm Dude has made some leaps in his latest dyslexia tests; not something many would celebrate, but I know how much effort he has to put into writing and spelling, so I was really proud of him. We have had a couple of beautiful clear days; blue skies and frosts. Girls enjoyed playing in the garden, and we’ve even had some lessons outside! Dancing Toes has enthusiastically been digging her garden. She is naturally green fingered, and it’s something I love sharing with her. Sparkly Eyes came in covered in more mud than her brother after rugby training. Long bubble bath required. We have a couple of the boys’ friends staying for the week end. They are lovely lads…I remember the noise and bedlam of friends to play when they were younger….so civilised now, they are growing up. So, girls and I walked down to the shop to get in supplies, and for a play in the park. We were on the look out for a snow drop, but didn’t see any. However, on the way back, Sparkly eyes threw her apple core into someone’s front garden(!), and as I went to retrieve it, I noticed a solitary, beautiful snowdrop! I always think they are and indication that in the depths of winter, there will be new life and warmth coming. Sort of a promise of the spring.

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