Day by Day

14 July 2017


Term is gradually winding down. Lanky Dude finished weeks ago, I decided Dancing Toes was going to finish her final projects by Thursday (brief look at the Romans in the context of major world civilisations pre-Christ, and some basic geology, which she’s loved…has an ever-expanding rock collection). Rhythm Dude is plodding on stoically finishing up IGCSE course work. I’m so proud of him. He and his brother are very close, and are constant “play” companions, so it’s been hard for him seeing Lanky Dude chilling out, while he’s still struggling through his work.

And it is a struggle…his dyslexia means he has to work so much harder than others, and often still doesn’t come out with the same standard of written work, so it’s really discouraging for him. However, fortunately I believe character is more important eternally than exam grades, and he has bucket loads of perseverance and empathy for others who may find life tough, so he’s going to do just fine in life.

We’ve had lots more warm, sunny weather. A few years ago, I got a gazebo for my birthday, which I decked out with bunting. Sometimes, if we have a sunny, at home afternoon, the boys help me put it up, then I settle myself on a picnic rug with a book and a cup of tea…and its bliss! I’m slowly reading my way through Clay and Sally Clarkson’s “Educating the wholehearted child”. I never have enough time to read, but somehow there seems to be a bit more space while the children can play outside.

Rhythm Dude has been doing some more experiments. He’s doing chemistry and physics. The girls like to watch, especially the chemistry as he wears an old lab coat, goggles and sometimes gloves, and so looks the part. I teased him about the lab coat, and then he promptly spilt some highly coloured chemical down himself, so I had to admit it was a good idea. The other picture is Sparkly Eyes making scones for Sunday tea, eaten with clotted cream, strawberry jam and strawberries. Not sure if she made more mess making or eating them!


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