Day by Day

7 October 2017

Pinky and Perky went on their final journey on Monday. We loaded them into the trailer on Sunday afternoon. Usually we allow a good hour for this and do it early in the morning before we set off. However, there is a slight hill out of our field, which gets muddy and necessitates a four-wheel drive to pull the trailer out. So, our much-appreciated pig-and-all-things-rural expert pulled them out on Sunday evening, and then another two of us took them the next day. They loaded within five minutes…. couldn’t believe it! Just trotted up the ramp quite happily and were calm as could be the following morning. The girls came with us; Sparkly Eyes wasn’t too bothered, but tears from Dancing Toes, who cuddled a George pig for comfort, much to the amusement of the abattoir man. So, today was sausage making day. This is an annual event, and is great fun, though lots of work. We joined together with two other families, so our house was a hub of activity. Dancing Toes and her friend were very proficient. It’s something the boys have done with friends since they were young, so it’s good to see the girls now taking up this skill.




I’ve also got some hams soaking in a cure, which Rhythm Dude in particular is keen on. Yesterday Dancing Toes and I talked about converting kg to g, and litres to mls. We have been leaning about fractions, so this is a practical application. She had fun playing about with the scales, with the fraction manipulatives alongside. There aren’t many recipes which deal in such large quantities, but curing brines are one of them; so, she was able to see a reason for all that work on fractions!

I love the smell of simmering chutney; it’s synonymous of autumn for me. We usually make several batches, but I’ve just not had time this hear until yesterday when I made everyone’s favourite, apple chutney. Sparkles Eyes likes me to make up a special little pot for her which I did, and she ate half of it for lunch today!

The other picture is sloe gin…it’s such a beautiful colour which I didn’t really manage to capture in the photo. As I find so often, with the world in increasing turmoil, and even all the changes, albeit positive ones, in our family at the moment, these activities associated with the gentle rhythms of the seasons bring a comforting stability for which I’m grateful.

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