Day by Day

21 May2018

Its our twentieth wedding anniversary this week, and we are celebrating with a much anticipated child free weekend, staying by the sea.  This is possible due to the kindness of Auntie, Uncle and Granny, who between them are looking after our children.

As I sit now in the sunshine, looking out over the sparkling sea, with the heady scent of wisteria wafting over me, I feel so grateful.  Grateful to God for bringing us together all those years ago, for his faithfulness during the tough times, for the many ways he’s blessed us (especially through our children), and for those who’ve supported us along the way.  Our marriage, like all I’m sure, has had its fair share of rocky times.  Some have been more “refining” than others, but through the grace of God and prayer, with support from family and friends, and with absolute adherence to the vows we made, we have not only weathered them, but come out stronger and with a richer marriage.

I know it doesn’t work like this for everyone, which I guess is why I’m so incredibly grateful and determined not to take our relationship, and my wonderful husband, for granted. And we will continue to invest in our marriage.

As we’ve walked (16k…I can still do it!), soaked in the warm sun, laughed, shared our hearts and our hopes, I feel a sense of yet another new season beginning.  I’m quite sure it will have its challenges, will definitely not be plain sailing and I know I’ll make many mistakes. But, by God’s grace, and rooted in His word, soaked in prayer and with the life giving wind of His Spirit, it will be another adventure which we will navigate together.

We sat by this river. The old horse chestnut tree was laden with flowers. It’s roots seemed to be in the water.  It made us think of Psalm 1, which compares a man ( or woman)  who is firmly rooted in God’s word to a tree planted by water, which does not wither and yields its fruit in season. Despite our weariness, and the daily mundane challenges we face, I have often likened my husband is like this tree….and it’s a good verse to pray.

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