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Wild garlic bread April 2019


One of Dancing Toes’ lovely  homeschool friends came for lunch this week, and we planned a meal around wild garlic; wild garlic and stinging nettle soup, wild garlic bread and wild garlic scrambled eggs.

We were given the idea of the bread by another of Dancing Toes’ delightful home school friends. She had made it in forest school. The boys call the bread mix “damper bread” and it’s been a staple all through their scouting years, cooked over a fire. We just popped it in the oven!


The girls had fun mixing together plain flour, water and a little oil, then added in some chopped garlic. They moulded it into little patty pan shapes and then I cooked it in the oven. Another time we would add salt and I would take it out of the oven sooner. However, it was easy to make and good to eat.

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