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Fun with rain and puddles – April 2020

A change in the weather on its way

As the weather has turned from glorious warm sunshine to grey British drizzle, Dancing Toes suggested that our “Fun Family learning” topic should be rain. She will start with five fun facts and then some craft ideas, and I’ll finish with some ways to connect and make memories with our children.

5 fun facts about rain!

  • There are three different types of clouds: stratus, cumulus and cirrus
  • A single raindrop has an average of 1 million droplets of water in it
  • A large cloud can weigh up to 700,000 tons, that is more than 3,000 jumbo jets
  • Antarctica is the driest continent on earth
  • Water can come out of the clouds in different forms like snow and sleet and hail
A rain gauge

You will need a big bottle cut it in half. Put the top half into the bottom half and get a ruler and write every centimetre on the side. You can decorate it. Put it on a place that is not sheltered and measure how much rain is in your garden.

Weather wheel

Get a paper plate and draw different weather pictures; then get a piece of card and cut it the same size as your plate. Stick a paper fastener though it.

Ublec puddles

Make some indoor puddles out of ublec

Clouds in the sky

Paint a piece of paper blue. Then get cotton wool and make the three different types of cloud. One has to be very wispy, one has to be fluffy and one in layers. Stick them onto the paper.

Thank you to my creative daughter for all those fab ideas!

Splashing in puddles!

So, anyone up for a wet walk and splash in the puddles? I used to walk with the boys whatever the weather, and they were completely unfazed by the rain. The girls are a little more discerning of the weather, but can be persuaded to venture out for a wet walk if it involves coming home drenched and is followed by a long hot soak in a bubble bath. This is an added bonus for me as it occupies them for a long while and then they’re all ready for bed!

Story time

As we are all different, we will all find our own ways in which we connect best with our kids. For us, reading aloud together has always been a good way, snuggled up in bed, outside on a picnic mat, around the table while the kids play with play doh or colour….combinations are endless. So, while the weather is miserable, why not raid your bookshelves for a few watery themed stories, cuddle up somewhere and enjoy a read aloud session.

A poem to read together


The rain is raining all around,

It falls on field and free,

It rains on the umbrellas here,

and on the ships at sea.”

A Child’s Garden of Verse by RL Stevenson

And finally a beautifully illustrated poem by one of my favourite children’s authors. Have a good week and make the most of the rain!

“Spring- The Nursery Collection” Shirley Hughes

3 thoughts on “Fun with rain and puddles – April 2020”

  1. Wonderful fun things to do around rain. Splish/splash. Stamping in puddles is fun when you are little. I remember a little girl who had red Wellli boots who loved to jump in puddles.


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