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Glimpses of our home ed days – How good it is to meet together! – May 2021

Hello everyone! I wonder how you all are? I’m amazed and grateful that folk from all over the world read these musings about our everyday life in our little part of England, and I wonder what your everyday lives are like? For those of us in the UK we are slowly coming out of a pretty severe lockdown, and as this has coincided with some warm, sunny weather, it feels a bit like the thawing and awakening of the kingdom of Narnia after years of perpetual winter.

It’s been wonderful to meet up with home educating friends again. We’ve been able to gather in our field and then walk up the hill and into the woods, where we’ve spotted wild flowers unfurling their faces to the sun, enlarged our repertoire of foraged foods, enjoyed the bountiful birdsong and most of all revelled in being amongst real human beings again! It’s been great to see how the children, many of whom haven’t been able to see other kids for months, have played and chatted so easily, running free in the good fresh air, whilst many of their counterparts are sitting behind masks in school…a definite plus of home ed at the moment!

Roaming across the hills

I’ve had all of our new home educating families very much on my mind recently. You’ve taken a great step, but it’s not been an easy time to start this exciting journey. So much of home ed is about community. For some this means regular weekly meet ups, several times a week. For others, maybe in more rural areas like ourselves, it’s less frequent, but just as sweet. For us it looks like this at the moment; art with a friend once a week in our garden, fortnightly shared teaching with another family, fortnightly and meets in our field for nature walks and ad hoc meet ups with other dear friends.

Spending time with others is not only good for the children, but for us as mums. We need to be able to offload our concerns and frustrations, celebrate our successes, share ideas and inspire and encourage each other. If you’re new to this, I want to encourage you that you will find your tribe. It may take a while (it did for me) but make the first step…maybe invite another family you’ve met to go for a walk or meet up in a park. This life is best done in community and I’m thankful we are able to do that again!

Here are some photos from our recent meet-ups. I hope they capture the sense of fun and freedom for the kids; the sense of relief and well being for some of us mums can’t be seen!

Making new friends
Leading the way
Wild and free kids
Amidst the wild garlic
Base camp
Older lads out for a walk

If you’re a home educating family and haven’t come across our podcast, check it out here for tips and encouragement on your home ed journey.

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