Day by Day

12 January 2017

Second week of term has whizzed by. Lanky Dude had first maths exam; necessitated leaving at 6.45 am to get to exam centre in good time. Cold and dark. Very grateful other exams have been in the summer, or at a local school. I always take a picnic breakfast and we eat it, with a flask of tea, while waiting outside. A couple of friends from the home ed group we belong to were taking the exam too. It’s always very calm and organised. I usually use some of the time to pray; I love walking and talking to God…or sometimes hammering on the gates of heaven! And it’s blissful to have time on my own. Other children with kind Granny. Good week for Rhythm Dude. He became a Patrol Leader at scouts, and also completed “Island 9” of his dyslexia English programme. He has plodded through the programme over years. It’s been a real eye opener as to how hard it is for dyslexic children, and fascinating seeing a completely different way of learning. Boys watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the moment. He tells me Kiera Knightley is dyslexic, along with many other famous and successful people! He struggled with some chemistry, but think he’s got the hang of it now. Arrived home from rugby last week covered in mud! Kit straight in washing machine. Dancing Toes came back from Brownies with a big grin and the news that she’s been made a Sixer. And Sparkly Eyes just managed to collect enough pasta in the jar (I’m a bit remiss about remembering to put it in) to enable her to go to hr first ever ballet lesson. She was SO excited. She did a lot of skipping, clapping of hands and giggling with friends. Favourite toy was dressed in ballet outfit too and sat and watched from the desk. The picture is of a yummy lasagne which Rhythm Dude made. He cooks one night a week. Dancing Toes also enjoys cooking, mainly baking, and made a ginger cake today, which she she has big plans to ice tomorrow. My Hard Working Husband and I have just had a fun half hour beginning to plan our church youth week end away…. Nearly all the Christmas chocolates finished, but fortunately a friend brought me a very delicious bar of chocolate which has eased the situation slightly!!



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