Day by Day

17 March 2017


I generally enjoy opening the curtains in the mornings…as light floods into each room, I often pray that God’s light will fill our home too. This morning as I drew them back, and looked out on a grey but peaceful day, I had a sense of the calm after the storm. It seems as if so many storms are raging around us at the moment. Struggles, battles and even tragedy in dear friends lives. We had a little girl and baby to stay for a couple of days this week, while, unbeknown to them at the time, their lives changed forever. It was hard to settle back to normal work afterwards; we were naturally emotionally wobbly, and I’m not used to sleepless nights with a baby anymore! When tough things hit, we need time to grieve, to process and to readjust, and I’m not particularly good at allowing us all to have this time. I know how important it is, but I tend to head back into busyness, maybe as a way of coping. Home-schooling allows us all to face the whole spectrum of what life brings us together, which is a real blessing, and seems a very natural way to do life. But, my kids will be learning how to cope with all these things through watching my reactions, so I’m aware I must sometimes let go of my need to get the boxes ticked from my schedule for them, and just allow time to stop. So, this Friday we had a bit of an activity day. (Doesn’t sound much like stopping, but the best I could do!). Lanky Dude whittled a bow…will post picture when it’s finished. Rhythm Dude did some fun chemistry experiments involving electrolysis, girls and I made biscuits, and Dancing Toes made some models of our world, involving sweets, marsh mallows and chocolate. They tasted good! We read together on a Friday, and at the moment it’s Aesop’s Fables. And then an afternoon to chill!

See our Electrolysis experiment above.

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