Day by Day

11 March 2017


Some more signs of spring! We have had a few warmer days, and I’ve been glad to hang the laundry up outside. I think as a mum I now find real pleasure in little, everyday things (gone are the days of big adventures!), and one of these is the sound of bird song, together with the warmer and lighter evenings as spring approaches. l sat outside with Sparkly Eyes the other day and we sorted through my seed box. Dancing Toes has already decided on what she wants to grow. I love looking through the seed catalogue…it’s a sign that the winter is slowly giving way to spring. Another Spring event is Rhythm Dudes birthday. It fell on drum lesson day, and his drum teacher came for supper. We had the last of the sausages we made from our pigs. Granny came for lunch…bacon sandwiches….birthday boy gets to choose food….and he had his cake then. No matter how old they get, they still like cake and candles! He is such a smiley boy…with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes!

Oh, and I forgot to mention last time….how could I?….when we were on holiday Lanky Dude got his maths result back. An A! So proud of him…he was just about completely self taught, with a handful lessons here and there. He worked hard and deserved it…and I always feel such a flood of relief and gratitude to God.

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