Day by Day

4 March 2017



We have just had a week’s holiday, staying in a friend’s house, overlooking the sea. It’s somewhere we are fortunate to come back to most years, so it’s not only a much loved part of our family’s growing up, but a place where I can put down “pointers”, as to our journey over the years. There is a visitors’ book, which I enjoy reading….not only what others have been doing on their holidays, but also what we’ve done. However, this is only the superficial layer…how we have spent our time. But it jolts the memory, together with my prayer journal, of how we have been at heart level. We have come at times of exhaustion, at times around great change and upheaval, at times of pain and in need of restoration. In ancient Hebrew culture, people used to lay a stone down in places where they wanted to remember something God had done.

As I sat overlooking the sea, on one precious sunny morning and did some “remembering”, I could only be filled with such gratitude to our Heavenly Father; we so easily could have been washed away and completely covered by the tides of life (like these sandcastle in a tide fight), but we haven’t been. Somehow, with Gods help, we have always pulled through. So, for anyone feeling nearly overwhelmed by the waves of circumstances….just keep going, a day at a time. And for those with a faith, I do believe God won’t let you down.

So, apart from the tide fight, which involved the design and construction of some fairly impressive fortifications and was enjoyed by other beach goers too, we flew kites, explored a National Trust garden, ate pasties in the sunshine, overlooking the sea, and made and consumed lots of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. The girls and I visited another National Trust house, and I decided to take them for tea in the very smart tea shop, complete with China crockery, dazzling white table cloths, sugar tongs and leaf tea. I nearly bottled out and headed for the canteen style cafe when Sparkly Eyes insisted loudly and constantly on having tea, not milk. However, I held my nerve, and with the incentive of sugar placed in her cup with sugar tongs, she drank it and they both rose to the occasion. It was not only a lovely experience in itself, but a great learning opportunity…the history and geography surrounding tea, as well as good manners! Also learnt lots going round the house…Dancing Toes now asks lots of questions, which is great to see. We dropped Lanky Dude off at scout training on our way home, and he’s just returned a day later, himself and tent covered in mud. Thank goodness for washing machines!

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