Day by Day

19 April 2017


One of my cleverer-than-me-at-tech friends has shown me how to put a gallery of photos onto this page! Hooray! Makes me want to go and take some more, just so I can try again! So, the bottom one is our little Easter Tree. The boys used to decorate it, but now it’s Dancing Toes’ job, and she likes to do it all by herself. Sparkly Eyes fills the little basket with painted eggs and little chicks, which the boys and I made years ago. There is a lovely familiarity about bringing out the same decorations and having the same traditions each year. But, it’s also fun to add new ones, so this year we had a go at felting some polystyrene eggs (worked much better when I found the proper felting needles!) and you can see a couple of these in the picture too. And I had a go at crocheting little Easter baskets (idea adapted from Pinterest), which was fun to do. The top photo is the blossom coming out on our old apple tree. I love this tree; we have planted a small orchard of fruit trees in the field, and they are now starting to produce fruit. But, this old tree turns out delicious apples year after year. Hard Working Husband and I see it as a picture of encouragement to us as we get older…we can still bear good fruit! The next is an amazing event that happens on Easter Sunday; our hens produce a cream egg for each child! Though even Sparkly Eyes has realised it’s me that puts them there. The last is of Sparkly Eyes putting some giant marzipan balls into our Simnell cake! Dancing Toes went rather overboard with size, but it tastes delicious!

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