Day by Day

21 April 2017


Easter is now passed, but I’ve been reflecting on our faith based traditions of the season. What Jesus did on the cross, followed by his resurrection, is the most pivotal point of the Christian faith, so for us it’s a real celebration. We have a Passover meal each year, remembering that same meal which Jesus shared with his disciples the night before he was crucified. It’s a meal Jews celebrate each year, and it has special significance for Christians, too, as I believe Jesus’ sacrificial death was the fulfilment of the Passover which happened in Egypt many years previously. We usually go for a walk on Good Friday, often up a hill where the farmer sets up three large crosses, or to a tiny chapel in the middle of an old mining area. However, this year only Hard Working Husband and the boys went, as girls and I weren’t well, so we stayed at home and watched Easter Parade! This year I made a banner with the “I am” statements of Jesus on them (photo above). We read and talked about one each day of Holy Week (the week before Easter). We generally make an Easter Resurrection garden, now Dancing Toes’ domain. We did this with some of our home ed friends, which added to the fun of it. And of course, we eat lots of hot cross buns! On Easter morning, I decorate the table, and set egg cups at each place filled with small chocolate eggs. Then I hide the rest of the eggs, and the children go searching. As well as a couple from relatives, kind neighbours also add to the collection. Then, we all go to church and after lamb for lunch, have a quiet afternoon. This year it was cold outside, so we watched Chariots of Fire , suitably inspiring for Easter Day. So, that’s our Easter, but I pray that the hope and life that Easter brings stays with us a little longer.


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