Day by Day

21 May 2017



It’s been a tough week. Our much-loved grandparent passed away peacefully. It was a long and full life, and I believe he is now at home in heaven, but there are tears and sadness down here.

One of the girl’s behaviour has continued to be particularly challenging. I’ve really appreciated the solidarity and sound advice of a few other mums…..we’re in this mothering business together! Have some strategies in place, so with them, continued loving discipline, speaking positive truths to her heart and the backbone of prayer, we’ll see how next week goes.

Lanky Dude sat a 2 1/4 economics exam this week. He’s just got two left in a couple of weeks. It really does feel like we’re winding down now…..just can’t quite believe it!

Sparkly Eyes come up with such funny sayings…tonight I was carving up (rather haphazardly) our roast chicken, and she asked “where does chicken come from?”. This, from a child who watches our pigs got off to the abattoir each year!

Lanky Dude has been saving his earnings from his lawn mowing job for a couple of years, with the intention of buying a bike. And this week he got it! He’s so pleased. It rained for a full two days afterwards, but the first fine day he was off, and went for a cycle ride with a friend that evening. Then on Friday afternoon he and Rhythm Dude went together up into the hills. I’m so grateful there are a good number of cycle tracks and bridle paths around here, so they don’t have to always go on the roads. At the same time, they were adventuring in the hills, the girls and I set off down one of the (flat) cycle tracks to see a couple of foals in a nearby field. They want baskets on their bikes, and in the absence of any appearing from a parental source, have made their own, as you can see!


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