Day by Day

22 April 2017





Well, we’ve had holidays this week hence the extra time I’ve had to write. Also, I’m still excited about the fact that I can now put photos on here! We’ve generally and a quiet time, which I’ve obviously needed, as I’m only just now losing that permanent-state-of -exhaustion feeling.

We visited Hard Working Husband’s family one day, and my lovely sister in law, Creative Auntie, cooked us lunch and tea….so returned home with everyone fed, and girls in pyjamas ready for bed! I was so grateful…..Also, was their two awesome young adult children found this site on their phones….as it’s not on FB yet, I’ve been writing more like a diary, not really thinking anyone could read it. So, it was exciting and a bit of a surprise to see it online!!

Met up with some of my family another day and did an Easter Egg hunt in a National Trust garden. This is also something we do most years. I just about always seem to find a learning opportunity wherever we go (much to the dismay sometimes of my children, and the amusement of my wider family!) and this time was no different. The theme was explorers…fascinating…and I feel a little project coming up for his term. There is just so much in our world to discover and explore…I love using everyday life as a springboard for our learning! We had a couple of complete home days. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I stopped teaching the children myself, and just let them learn in their own way (would have to limit screen time, though!). I think this approach is called unschooling, and I can certainly see some of its value.

Kind Granny has often said that she sees her grandchildren come on over the summer holiday, with time to play and explore and be creative. On our home days Rhythm Dude has just about made a guinea pig run, as well as a wooden sword; Dancing Toes decided to sell flowers, so made a sign, picked an array of flowers from the garden, put them in jars of water, and waited for the customers. She made £2.50! Sparkly Eyes decided, amongst other messy projects, to make perfume out of petals and water. She intended to sell this, but I persuaded her that giving it as gifts would be better! Lanky Dude has been methodically revising for his two last IGCSEs.

We’ve had some more sunny weather, and the ground is very dry. It’s hard to plant seeds in it. Thoughtful Gardening Auntie has given Dancing Toes a whole tray of baby seedlings for her garden. What a lovely gift. We will plant them out when they’re a bit stronger in a few weeks. I’m intending to plant out my chitted potatoes in the field today. A friend is also doing hers, so we will stop for tea and cake. The boys mowed the lawn yesterday, and the girls have got their tent up, which they’ve enjoyed playing in with various friends. The ice cream van came to the end of the lane near to us yesterday, and Dancing Toes and her friend set off with some of the earnings from her flower selling. They came back with purple sloshis and blue tongues! I then took Sparkly Eyes, and, armed with a sprinkles covered ice cream, we stopped to watch some baby lambs on the way back. The sky is so blue, and still is today.



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