Day by Day

27 March 2017


It really feels as if spring is finally here, although the 21st was cold and grey. However, the last few days have been warmer, I’ve bought some compost (though not yet planted any seeds), probably found some weaners, am chatting bees with my bee keeping pal, the chickens are finally not sloshing in mud, and I’ve managed to dry a whole load of laundry on the line. I always think this time of year I can almost smell the change of season in the air. ​ As the clocks changed on Sunday, we have lighter evenings to enjoy being outside, and yesterday Dancing Toes and I set of across the fields to our town centre and “the shop”, to buy some essential tea. She reminds me so much of myself at that age…loving the countryside and wanting to explore and experience it all for herself. She nearly fell in a river while leaning over to feel the water! I love our town and am so grateful to live here. There’s always someone to chat to, some news to catch up on, some friend with whom to arrange a visit. I love the church in the centre, standing unchanged for centuries, with all aspects and seasons of human life passing through its doors. And then the very twenty first century teenagers hanging out doing not much as there isn’t much for them to do in the country. Some I’ve known since antenatal group! On Friday some of the home ed group came here, and while the older ones trekked off into the woods, the younger ones, armed with flower pots, went searching for treasures with which to make Easter gardens. They had a happy time arranging them all, and then older boys returned and made a camp fire on which they all toasted marsh mallows. As always, it’s lovely to spend time with them; an unspoken understanding of a shared value system. ​ It was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and we all went to a National Trust property. It was perfect weather; clear blue sky and warm sunshine. We had a “mum style” picnic first (not a sausage roll in sight!), and then wondered slowly round the extensive grounds, stopping to play on a long roped double swing, beat out a rhythm on some marimbas in the woods, climb on the fallen trees and enjoy the beautiful colours and scents of the spring planting. We ate ice cream and then lay in the sun…truly restoring for this weary mothers’ soul.



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