Day by Day

3 April 2017


Its only two weeks until Easter. While I love Christmas…all the fun and glitter…I think Easter is my favourite festival. As a Christian it’s the most foundational to my faith; remembering that Jesus died on the cross and rose again, to pay the price for all the wrong stuff I do and enable me to have an everyday sort of relationship with the God of all creation. I love that it falls in the spring, when all the world seems to be waking up and stretching; it feels like there is hope, even in the midst of all that is going on in our world and our individual lives. It’s a celebration for us, and I love getting the Easter decorations out, making an Easter wreath for our front door, creating a Resurrection garden and decorating our home made Easter tree with painted (plastic!) eggs. We often blow and paint our hens’ eggs, which is fun, and the girls have been busy making Easter crosses and a banner. I bought some lamb from the Farmers market, which I can slow roast. Normal life continues, though. We’ve all been down with colds and sore throats…like dominoes. My turn this week. Lanky Dude was first, and it was just before the boys’ band led worship at our youth service. Fortunately, he just managed. He plays viola and sings, and Rhythm Dude plays drums. They have a really cool band, a sort of Mumford and Sons eclectic mix of instruments. And if the mothers stay off the haircuts, they all have long hair, so look good, too! Rhythm Dude had some friends round over at the week end, for a walk, and sleepover. They all turned up as I was still making his cake, having not got lost once! They are a chilled-out bunch. Much quieter than the raucous parties we had when the boys were younger! ​ Oh, and I finally planted some seeds…. a job I love doing. I’m not much good at techie stuff, and I can’t get the photo part of this site to work anymore…so will try and post pics later. Mums supposedly have to be good at so many things these days, but I’ve learnt it’s more than ok to ask for help. Think we’re made to live in community, and I’m so grateful for the many friends I have who help fill in the gaps when I need help, and I really hope I’m able to do the same for them.


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