Day by Day

14 February 2018

We’ve made it to half term. What with illness, and the fierce storm which has blown up around us, it does feel like we have limped, rather than walked. But, it’s good to have some down time at home, seeing friends, getting some of the mundane jobs done which I save for the holidays, and enjoying some family time. This has been especially necessary, as we have attempted to navigate a painful situation as a united family.

When the children were younger we went on heaps of outings; museums, National Trust properties, beautiful outside spaces, galleries, cathedrals, the occasional trip to a play or concert. However, with the increasing pressure of IGCSE’s these have diminished. I think to the detriment of the younger girls’ learning.

However, yesterday we all set off in our van, armed with a picnic, flasks of tea, and full waterproofs due to the relentless rain. We were headed for our nearest Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre. I’d saved up some birthday and Christmas money, so we’ve joined for the year. As well as being highly educational, it is also stunningly beautiful. It has a serenity which, in the words of HWH “almost makes you want to cry”. I know exactly what he means. It’s restoring for the soul.

I’ve posted a few of the photos I took, but they really don’t fairly capture the essence of the space. The other two photos are: Sparkly Eyes having fun and making a mess with flour, kitchen roll and water; Dancing Toes checking out her lung capacity by breathing into a balloon (respiratory system in biology).

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