Day by Day

19 February 2018

Half term has ended. I usually want holidays to last for longer, and reluctantly re-start our term time routines. This time, however, due to the ferocity and consuming nature of the storm which is surrounding us, a part of me was glad to find comfort and reassurance in our normal weekly rhythms.

We did, however, have a lovely and low-key week…. the sort I generally like best. Lots of getting together with friends for meals, play, tea and cake. Rhythm Dude and a friend worked on fixing up a BMX. Boys had a couple of movie nights. I made marmalade, and the girls and I gathered up a few catkins to complement our daffodils; always an indication to me that spring is on the way.

We have had a few more clear, sunny days, and on one of them the girls decided it must be summer; they stripped down to pants and vests, and played in water from the water butt! I gave them a long soak in a warm bubble bath when they eventually gave in to the Goosebumps! Lanky Dude has heaps of work. I’m glad that we have learnt to trust in God’s unswerving faithfulness in our educational journey thus far. The stakes seem ever higher, and I can easily worry on his behalf. But, God has proved himself so trustworthy and I must remind myself of this and simply continue to pray. My anxiety must have shown the other day as Lanky Dude had to remind me that God has a plan for him, which won’t depend entirely on his grades…. sure I should be saying that to him!! I’m so glad he’s now repeating what I’ve told him many times. I’m so grateful for the sanctuary of our home; despite the girls’ constant clutter, the squabbles and the endless chores, it feels like a safe haven. I love to escape with the kids into a book, and find comfort in the small, everyday things of life. I’m truly blessed with my family and friends.

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