Day by Day

15 December 2017

First day of the holidays! Absolute bliss. Lanky Dude finished yesterday, as did Rhythm Dude, so girls did too.

I took girls to Mc Donald’s to celebrate the end of term in between dropping Rhythm Dude off at college and collecting Lanky Dude. Last ballet of term (parents able to watch…Sparkly Eyes does lots of smiling and giggling…brought tears to my eyes).

Then we had a celebration roast supper with fizzy shloer. Wonderful to have a complete home day today. Morning in pyjamas, boys played with Lego and girls watched “Home Alone” more times than I cared to ask. Whole weekly TV allowance in one day, but, as Dancing Toes said, it is the beginning of the holidays. We had hot chocolate with marsh mallows and cream…an annual Christmas treat.

We often eat more party food over the holidays, so I tend to cook a big pot of vegetable soup, in order to give everyone at least one healthy meal a day. Girls and I made popcorn, most of which we ate, but we also strung a few kernels together to make tree decorations. And we threaded some cranberries onto thin wire to make the decoration below…it was supposed to be a heart, which I’ve done before, but the wire wasn’t strong enough. Fun to do, anyway.

Then normal Friday night pizza, girls to bed, and HWH home for holidays too. So, we’ve completed the first term with one child in full time formal education. It’s gone so well…so proud of Lanky Dude, and grateful to his lovely teachers. And of Rhythm Dude…a big change for him, too. And mostly thankful to my Heavenly Father for his faithfulness to us. Holiday time seems even more precious now…so looking forward to relishing next few weeks.


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