Day by Day

18 December 2017


Like much of the country we had snow last week end. It didn’t really settle here but we went up onto the hills and had fun tobogganing, having snow ball fights and making a snowman. The world looked so beautiful.

Making quantities of mince pies is another annual tradition. The boys used to “help” when they were younger, but now the girls seem to gravitate towards the pastry. Many were consumed last night when we had friends and neighbours from our little town round for mulled wine and mince pies, for what has become another “must” for us over Christmas.

Many of them are friends we made when the boys were little, and now they come with teenage children, and we talk about university entrance. It’s lovely to have adults, teens and younger children all together. The kids played board games or just chilled, while we caught up with each other’s news. We have such lovely friends!


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