Day by Day

15 January 2018

Coughs, colds and sore throats are working their way through our family. And we’ve had grey skies and an abundance of rain.

The girls and I did get out into our back garden and start clearing and digging, much to the delight of the chickens; on hand to scoop up any worms uncovered. We are going to keep a diary of the garden over a year. so, will put initial, muddy picture up next time.

Lanky Dude has his first piece of metal for his robot. And he’s learning a programme which he can use to do the drawings ready for the laser cutter. Rhythm Dude started as a young leader at Cubs. All the boys looked so small and cute…it doesn’t seem that long ago that he was one of them. He said there was one lad who obviously had a hard time keeping still; and with insight he grinned “he reminds me of me!”.

We’ve got stuck into our history again. The photo is of our stash of books. There are a few generic ones which I’ve used throughout our home-schooling, some sticker books bought new for Dancing Toes, and a pile of books about the Middle Ages which I’ve picked up along the way…like many home-schooling mums I enjoy trawling through charity shops, book sales and bargain book stores. I’m reading “The door in the wall” to Dancing Toes and Rhythm Dude. It was recommended by my history loving home ed friend.

We did some spinning and weaving last term, and this term I hope to do some copy work in the style of monks of the time. We could also look into herbs and their uses in healing common ailments. And refresh our sad looking herb pots at the same time. Outings could include visits to local Medieval properties/ museums, National Trust houses (there are one or two dating back that far), and maybe a monastery. I also thought we could cook a Medieval meal and eat it accompanied by candlelight and music of the era (mainly choral chants I think). Boys not too impressed with this idea!

The other photo is of some treasures the girls brought home from our first nature walk. Christmassy still…holly, ivy and jingle bells!

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