Day by Day

8 January 2018

A week into 2018. We tend to celebrate the full twelve days of Christmas, and then gradually slip back into our regular home-school routines. However, with Lanky Dude at college now, we were all jolted back rather abruptly into a new term!

However, we did still have a somewhat “staged return” at home, and only had our first full day today. Despite some rather reluctant learners, I was pleased with how they did settle back. I plan each half term, something which I generally enjoy. Most of Lanky Dudes’ academic learning is at college now, but I’m still responsible for all the rest of his life learning.

He, Rhythm Dude and myself continue to work through a logic course “The Fallacy Detective” by the Bluedorn brothers. We also pray, and read resources which inform our praying, for our nation and world. And he joins in with our music and art learning. And I think we are going to get quite familiar with various local scrapyards as we endeavour to find materials for his robot. Rhythm Dude is working on maths, chemistry and physics for IGCSE. I’ve been grateful for Lanky Dude’s excellent teaching skills on the maths front this week. I’m also going to try to find him some work experience at a garage, he attends college one afternoon a week for his construction course and has a coding lesson form a retired expert.

I’d love to just do away with exams for him; he has so much to offer in life but sitting still and sitting exams aren’t his strengths. He’s a smiley, energetic, out of an out of the box kid, and I’m so glad he’s been able, largely, to develop who he is. I’m having to try to squeeze him into the exam box now, though, so trying to ensure he still has lots of opportunities to explore other types of learning too.

I love the primary age; the creativity and freedom to learn as our curiosity leads us. I’ll write more about what Dancing Toes and I are up to this term next time, but we are still on the Middle Ages, still studying the human body in biology, and in addition are about to give our nature journaling a boost with a new curriculum recommended by a homeschool friend, So, we will have plenty of fun, I’m sure.

Sparkly Eyes joins in with some of her sister’s subjects but does a lot of practical exploring as well as very simple maths and some letter learning. I’m using the same dyslexia programme I use for Rhythm Dude. And I read as much as I can to her.

And then between them they fit in viola, drums, piano, Explorer Scouts (young leaders in Scouts and Cubs), Brownies, ballet, rugby, youth club, swimming. So, I need my times of peace and restoration of my soul. I often find this outside; these are two pictures I took during a couple of chilly, still January walks, where the earth just seems to be taking a pause before all the energy of spring.


Above are the crowns the girls made for Three Kings Day. I do a mini star hunt around the house and give each of the children a small gift. We also did a Christmas jumper design competition! And we started the year with family communion during or Sunday prayer time.


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