Day by Day

27 February 2018


We’ve had some beautifully sunny, days, where the crispness of the blue sky has only been matched by the crispness of the biting wind. Invigorating, though! On one of these days we took a wander in our neighbour’s paddock, to see some very new lambs…some only a day old. They really are adorable; I can see why “gambolling “is so often used to describe their movement. It fits perfectly. We also found a couple of clumps of primroses and some (frozen) frogspawn in their pond. It will be exciting if it survives this cold patch and develops into tadpoles.

We’ve had another viral bug wending its way through our family, which together with the external storm which is finally abating, has left us all coughing, spluttering and feeling overly weary.

sheep in fiels

Lanky Dude had a day off college today but pushed himself to work on his robot EPQ project, whose deadlines are looming. It’s an ambitious project; I’m so glad we’ve learnt to trust in God’s faithfulness time and time again with our education journey. I think I’d be panicking slightly if I didn’t have that to fall back on.

On Sunday we all had the complete privilege of going to one of my nephew’s baptisms. It’s awesome when anyone makes that commitment to faith, but when it’s my little nephew it’s emotional too. My sister had pre-warned him that both she, and possibly me, might cry “happy tears”. I did! Our boys both chose to be baptised at a similar age; Rhythm Dude, always on a different path, was baptised in a (very cold) river.

We went to another concert today, organised by the same enterprising friend as before. It’s such a lovely idea; an opportunity for local musicians to play in local churches, with great acoustics. And then the church often provides lunch afterwards, and hopefully can raise some funds. This time it was clarinet and saxophone. It’s a great opportunity for the children to hear live music, and then talk to the musicians afterwards. (Though as I said previously I think Sparkly Eyes is more interested in the food and colouring pens). Some of the music today brought tears to my eyes; some achingly beautiful melodies.


We had some flurries of snow today. Very exciting! All but HWH home now. He gets back late from college. I’ve ferried the boys (and girls in tow) to viola and drum lessons, and Cubs. So now girls tucked up in bed, and boys watching some Marvel series on TV. I feel I’ve been less patient than normal recently, so have made them apple strudel and hot chocolate. Good home comforts. I’m so thankful for our home.


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