Day by Day

30 December 2017

The anticipation and excitement of the night before Christmas seems a while ago. For as long as I can remember I’ve taken the children swimming on Christmas Eve; a great way of releasing excess exuberance.

Then a few more preparations after lunch, maybe a film, sometimes friends over for tea followed by the Candlelight service at church. This year Rhythm Dude drummed and Dancing Toes, with the help of Lanky Dude, gave out the candles. Sparkly Eyes’ contribution was spilling hot wax over me in the excitement of it all!

Then to bed, so I can fill their stockings. Boys still awake when I crept in with them!! We had a truly special Christmas Day. It was lovely to have HWH’s gentle and kind mum to stay; I am truly blessed with my in-laws. We have home church in the morning; probably a bit like a Quaker meeting in that we all contribute in some way.

We filled a black piece of card with gold stars as we prayed for many of our friends, our country and those around the world. Jesus’ light shines in the darkest of places and cannot be put out (John1:5). Then Creative Auntie, Jolly Uncle and their two fab adult children came for the day.

After lunch they turned our dining room into a photographic studio to take photos of the children…such a fun experience and I know they’ll be great as Jolly Uncle is a professional camera man.

The rest of this week has passed peacefully…I always enjoy the lull in between Christmas an New Year, though I’m surprised how tired I’ve felt. We’ve been on several muddy walks, had a few snowball fights with some rather slushy snow, met up with half our town to watch the traditional Boxing Day hunt go off, seen friends, and no doubt eaten too much chocolate. I don’t really want this season to end…and am enjoying the slightly slower pace to carve out some to breathe deeply, to pause, to try to listen to what God may be saying, and most of all to offer up my thanks for His kindness to us this year. As the children grow, every Christmas together seems special, to be relished. And I’m so grateful.

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