Day by Day

23 December 2017


Two days till Christmas! We had family and friends calling in throughout the day, but in between the children worked at some of the pre Christmas tasks we’d allocated to them.

So, Rhythm Dude and I set to make the sausage and bacon rolls and stuffing while Lanky Dude iced and decorated the cake. He does it beautifully, as the picture shows.

Meanwhile Dancing Toes helped HWH get the spare bedroom (which has become rather a dumping ground) ready for Grannie, and Sparkly Eyes just moulded and ate marzipan.

We’ve had a couple of quieter home days which have been lovely, in the midst of the whirl that seems to accompany this week. And we all went up the Big City to meet up with some lovely home-school friends; the older children went climbing while my friend took the girls and me to a nearby city farm. It was good to see them and we all had fun.

While our children are so excited, and anticipation is great (and sleep seems to be elusive) I’m always aware that it’s a hard time of year for many people. I try to keep our gaze looking outwards over advent, and one thing we introduced last year was a reverse advent challenge jar. This is just lots of lollipop sticks with kind things to do for others written on them. We pick one out most days. It’s such a busy time of year anyway, and I don’t want to pile up the pressure, so some simply remind us to say Thank you more often, smile or “be still and know that I am God”.

And some ask us to make cards for people locally who work for our community, to make a care package for someone, or to give out some cookies. We also made cards to send to children in another part of the world who have really suffered for their Christian faith, and also to our beautiful child we are able to sponsor through Compassion. And on a local note, the kids make biscuits to give to all their teachers/ leaders. But…even with all that, I think the thing they are most excited about are the presents!

I’ve just filled the last advent pocket in their calendars with chocolate. I felt a little sadness…this season of Advent is nearly over. This time of waiting and preparing. It’s been a good one. I’m grateful. And we now have the season of Christmas ahead with the celebration of the good news that the birth of Jesus brings.


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