Day by Day

5 December 2017

I’m always aware that the build up to Christmas bears more resemblance to hurtling headfirst down a helter skelter, than the peaceful preparation of my heart to welcome the entrance into this world by the Creator of it.

Each year I try to do things differently and fail, but this year, as a family, we are concentrating more on the season of Advent; the few weeks of waiting and preparation before the celebrations of the twelve days of Christmas.

We are reading “The Jesse Tree” together, a series of daily readings which tell the story of God’s rescue plan for the world from the very beginning; Jesus’ family tree. Rhythm Dude has made a wooden tree, and the girls are making decorations which correspond with each story to hang on it. We have an advent wreath (though Sparkly Eyes has already broken one of the candles), and lit our first one on Sunday, reminding us of the hope we have as Christians not only of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, but also of his second coming.

We’re chipping away at some practical preparations, too; making the Christmas cake on Monday when all four children were home to stir, and the Christmas cards on Saturday. HWH calls this child labour….all kids have helped since they’ve been young, and we have quite a production line going. Fairly slick this year, though a bit more squabbling than normal I think….!





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