Day by Day

13 March 2018



It was Rhythm Dude’s birthday last week. We always start birthdays all together in our bedroom, opening cards and presents. More challenging this year as Lanky Dude had an early bus to catch, but we managed it. I took all four children to McDonald’s for lunch, and then we had about ten teenage boys here for hot dogs, cake and a movie in the evening. It was fun. I remember when he was born; the weather was unusually warm and the daffodils out. He’s so big now!



We are coming to the end of our Medieval project. Dancing Toes and I cooked a medieval meal on Monday. I think it was one which would have been enjoyed by the lords and ladies rather than the normal people, as it included meat and several spices. It was surprisingly tasty. We ate it to candlelight and choral chanting (the latter which didn’t much impress some of the children) and continued with our reading of the Canterbury Tales.

On Mother’s Day, we visited a National Trust property. It was cold, but mostly dry, and HWH cooked up burgers from the back of our van, followed by hot mugs of tea and trifle. It’s one of my favourite ways to eat as a family. We then went for a rather muddy walk and visited the Mediaeval parts of the house; the great hall and the chapel. We could imagine the characters in our story book in these settings.


Following one warm and sunny day, with a promise of spring, it’s turned cold and drizzly again. Sparkly Eyes was sad to see the baby lambs and their mums from our neighbour’s paddock being towed away to new pasture. We waved them off with tears. (Hers, not mine). Lanky Dude’s robot making is upon us – the pressure is on and he has a deadline. The inevitable hurdles are already appearing, but fortunately he has an optimistic disposition, and has found ways around them. And as his mum, I just keep praying, knowing God to have shown his faithfulness to us time and again over our education journey. I’ll post some photos of it as he goes along.

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