Day by Day

19 March 2018

It’s the spring equinox today but doesn’t feel much like it! We had snow again; the chickens refuse to come out of their house and we bring the gineau pig inside, much to the girls’ delight.

I found a new book called “Snowflake Bentley” by Jaqueline Briggs Martin; although it is a picture book, it’s good for all ages, as it beautifully recounts the story of the “Snowflake Farmer”. It provided good food for discussion as it touches on topics such as tenacity, a passion for finding and pursuing our interests, what constitutes education (he was mainly homeschooled), as well as some scientific facts about snowflakes. And I was impressed that his parents spent their life savings on a special camera for him. Impressed that they did everything to support his vision and passion, even when others didn’t understand.

This very much reflects one of my prayers for our children; that I would be able to see what they excel in, what they are passionate about, and do what I can to support and encourage them. I also pray that God would put people and experiences in their pathways to further their God given abilities. Rhythm Dude picked up on this last point and requested a drone to help him in his photography! Will be disappointed on this one….



Lanky Dude has started construction of his robot. He’s met numerous hurdles already, several being due to the fact that college equipment is not big enough to cope with his machine. But, he has an optimistic outlook, and appears to be good at problem solving, so he’s slowly moving forwards.

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