Day by Day

31 March 2018


We have fun reflecting the seasons, both spiritual and climatic in our home. These are some of the decorations we have put out over this last week. Each of the children decorated a little wooden egg when they were younger, and for a few weeks around Easter, I fill them overnight with a small chocolate egg. It’s the first thing they check in the morning, and I’m reminded promptly if I’ve forgotten! The bird box was made by Rhythm Dude at college. He’s learnt how to make several different joints and has a whole new vocabulary unique to the building industry. He always comes out of his afternoon at college with a wide smile. The sausage casserole was also made by him, using the last of our pigs’ meat from last year.


I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed recently by all the everyday jobs that are involved in my daily life; it’s meant I’ve not done any of the extra, often more pleasurable ones. One of these is ordering seeds; Dancing Toes and I have fun deciding what we want to grow, then we go through our seed box and see what we have left from last year. Finally, we pour over the seed catalogue and decide what to buy. I generally have my tried and tested favourites but try something new each year. This time it’s a type of small pumpkin. On one of our rare non-rainy days, Sparkly Eyes and I planted out some broad beans and put the seed potatoes in egg boxes to “chit”. And the beans are just beginning to germinate, with their crinkly green leaves poking through the soil.



As we’ve gone through Holy Week, it’s been good to be reminded of the humanity and brokenness of my Saviour. He’s not a distant, aloof or exacting god, but a God who was betrayed and deserted by friends, falsely accused, beaten, humiliated, crucified. And he freely chose to do this, so we could know Him. Our world is so broken, so many of our friends are walking difficult journeys. Jesus never said following him would be easy, but He did promise to be with us through the tough, as well as the good times. It’s been a good week to work through some of the hurt I’ve experienced these last couple of months. I spent some time in the peace of our ancient Anglican church, where so many have prayed over the centuries, and did just that. And tomorrow we have the hope that the resurrection brings!


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