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“The kite’s Tale” A story of adoption

What books spring to mind when you think about adoption? “Anne of Green Gables” for me. When indeed did you last read a story to your children where the main character was adopted? I’m guessing some while ago, if ever, because there are very few books which delve into adoption, While Anne is one of… Continue reading “The kite’s Tale” A story of adoption

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Days ahead – September 2020

Hello again friends! It seems a while since I last tapped away here. It’s been good to have time to think, read and most importantly pray over these last couple of months. I sense we are in for a rocky road ahead and I’ve wanted to try and hear God’s voice in it all. A… Continue reading Days ahead – September 2020

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End of summer term – July 2020

One of the blessings of home ed is that it can be moulded and adapted to fit around our family in whatever season we are in. This term has been quite a challenging one for most of us, so we decided to finish up a little earlier than normal, at the beginning of July. Rhythm… Continue reading End of summer term – July 2020

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Create your own Family Coat of Arms

A fun summer project! I’ve had this project bubbling for several years, and it’s finally come to fruition. I hope you enjoy it! The idea is that you learn a little about heraldry and dig into your unique family culture by creating your own coat of arms. My hope in developing this concept is that… Continue reading Create your own Family Coat of Arms

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A recipe for keeping going…

We are now in week thirteen of lockdown and half way through the second half of the summer term. We had put together a little post about butterflies, but I felt the need instead to assess where we are at the moment. Under normal circumstances, this half of term would be filled with outings, picnics,… Continue reading A recipe for keeping going…

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Fun with books – June 2020

I trust this latest missive from our household finds you well. Here in the UK we are in week twelve of lockdown. The glorious month of May was taken up with being ill and recovering from the virus, and I can’t quite believe we have now arrived in June. I’m so grateful for the rhythms… Continue reading Fun with books – June 2020

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Fun with chickens – May 2020

We are gradually starting to recover from the covid virus but I am surprised quite how tired HWH and myself are. Each time I try to do too much, my body tells me. It is an enforced lesson in slowing down, in unproductivity, in being rather than doing. I’ve tried reading aloud again to the… Continue reading Fun with chickens – May 2020

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Fun with baking – May 2020

This week’s baking Welcome to the third instalment of our Fun Family Learning posts, written during the covid 2020 pandemic. Our theme this week is baking, as chosen by Dancing Toes. I’m really enjoying collaborating with her as we create these posts. Building relationships with my children has always been a foundation of my home… Continue reading Fun with baking – May 2020

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Back to school? – April 2020

Easter morning Having toyed with the idea of continuing with some of our term time rhythm during the holidays, I realised I was emotionally depleted and needed a rest! It was the strangest of Easter holidays but I think the time helped me to come up with some sort of plan as to how we… Continue reading Back to school? – April 2020

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Fun with snails – April 2020

Snail Henge We usually cycle over to our church toddler group on a Wednesday, and we’re missing them all. So, the girls and I are going to prepare a little piece each week about some of the fun things we’ve been learning with a few activities which families with littlies, and children home from school,… Continue reading Fun with snails – April 2020