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Spring and a new trajectory – February 2023

Hello Dear Readers, I hope that you are enjoying the signs of spring all around us; longer, lighter days, cheerful chirping of birds, slender snowdrops and carpets of crocuses poking their way through the sodden earth to add a splash of welcome colour to our winter landscapes. I had thought I’d pick up my metaphorical… Continue reading Spring and a new trajectory – February 2023

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Advent 4 and Good Tidings for Christmas – December 2022

How are you all? Have you managed to steal some moments of peace over the past few weeks to be still, be re-filled and ponder on the wonder of Christmas? It’s a story we are so familiar with, it can be easy to brush over the absolute incredible nature of the incarnation; our Creator God,… Continue reading Advent 4 and Good Tidings for Christmas – December 2022

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Advent 3 – December 2022

During the third week of Advent we turn our hearts towards the joy and celebrations of Christmas. I love the Scripture verses which speak of joy and extol us to be joyful and thankful. They are in complete contrast to what we heard from just about any media outlet. A few years ago we listened… Continue reading Advent 3 – December 2022

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Advent 2 – December 2022

The second candle on our advent wreath represents peace. It can be so hard to have peace in our hearts when there is much turmoil all around. Yet again this week, I’ve been challenged to trust in God’s Word. His truth is the same yesterday, today and forever and my fluctuating emotions do not change… Continue reading Advent 2 – December 2022

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Advent 1 – November 2022

I love the season of Advent. I appreciate the space it gives me to reflect and prepare my heart, as well as our home, for Christmas. In the church calendar, Advent runs from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas Eve. Christmas is then celebrated for the twelve days up until Epiphany, and the special… Continue reading Advent 1 – November 2022

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Pomp and Pageantry – September 2022

Hello friends! A new season is upon us and change is in the air on many fronts. Late summer is gently slipping into early autumn and there is a nip in the air as I let the chickens out each morning. Meanwhile there is change in our nation too as the death of our long… Continue reading Pomp and Pageantry – September 2022

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Summer Sundae 4 – August 2022

I love the family picture above, drawn by Dancing Toes. The respective heights of the boys dates it; Rhythm Dude is our gentle giant and towers over us all, closely followed by Lanky Dude and both HWH and myself now look up to our boys. However, they are boys no longer. They are young men… Continue reading Summer Sundae 4 – August 2022

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Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

I seem to have missed a couple of Sundays. We were away last week end and had lovely guests to stay plus a youth camp the week before. It’s also a busy time for any gardener; watering, successional sowing, harvesting and preserving. The book launch activities continue, including some podcast opportunities. A couple of weeks… Continue reading Summer Sundae – 3 August 2022

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Summer Sundae 1 – July 2022

Hello! It seems a while since I’ve tapped away here; one of my favourite places to write. Life is very full and I’m grateful for it. Having had restrictions on our movement over the last couple of years, along with some post viral weariness, I have a new appreciation for freedom and health which far… Continue reading Summer Sundae 1 – July 2022

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Rekindling Joy in the midst of Messy Motherhood – April 2022

I love reading posts by prospective or new adoptive parents; the sense of excitement and almost reverence as they finally get to hold the child they’ve been dreaming of and striving so hard for. I remember it well. However, it’s so easy to lose that sense of wonder as the years pass and we get… Continue reading Rekindling Joy in the midst of Messy Motherhood – April 2022