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Wild flowers of the spring – 5 May 2018

Now the sun is finally warming up the countryside, the wild flowers are springing into abundance.  Here are a few we spied on a delightful family walk to the bluebell woods over the week end.  The picture of the orchid was taken by my brother on the longer walk for fitter adults and more energetic children.  My sister and I and opted for the gentler way back with the younger children, and saw the other, more commonplace  flowers.

They are cowslip, celendaine, bluebell, primrose, cuckoo flower/ ladies’ smock and dog violet. Tomorrow the girls can choose a couple of them, look them up in a flower guide and draw them from the photo (not as good as real life, but a substitute on occasions).  We often find the matching  “Flower Faries” poem and enjoy it and the exquisite picture that goes with it.

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