Day by Day

12 May 2018

The days are long now; I was in the garden till 9.15 this evening and it was still light.  The birds singing their good night lullabies and the stillness of the air were good for my somewhat frazzled mind and soul. Inside I could see HWH and Lanky Dude listening to music together. It’s been a crazy week, where our normal rhythm of life has got squeezed out by the ever increasing “to do” list. I’ve spent an disproportionate amount of time filling and refilling in passport applications for the girls…one mistake and I need to do them all over again.  My kind neighbour friend now just laughs when I appear at her door yet again for another signature.

We’ve been working hard on the garden, trying to create some beauty out of the brambles and ivy which have overtaken our front garden, and beginning the annual planting of veg in the back garden.  I let the chickens roam free during the winter, and this certainly seems to keep the slug population down as well as manure the ground.  We’ve planted out our chitted potatoes, together with some seedlings we’ve been raising inside; broad beans, runner beans, sweet peas.  The French beans haven’t germinated; maybe I need new seeds.  I’m looking forward to planing out more tomorrow. And the old apple tree under which the chickens live is blossoming in an abundant mass of pink and white frothy flowers.

We had wonderful weather last week end. HWH and I had coffee sitting in our town Square and then walked back on the side of the hill, picking wild garlic on the way.  I made pesto from it. It’s one of my seasonal favourites.  Later, we met up with some friends up on the hills and cooked sausages and watched the sun go down. And we had a lovely family walk with cousins in the bluebell woods.

This week, I’ve been working mostly with Rhythm Dude prior to his exams. So, I’ve set the girls work to complete, and also downloaded “ The Green Ember” by S. D Smith, which they are loving listing to while playing with Lego, Sylvanians, or crafting or colouring.

Just to add to our overloaded week, the girls and I had an extra late night when we went to watch “Swan Lake” at our local theatre with friends. I don’t really know the first thing about ballet, but I love watching it. The woodland swan scenes, with their haunting melodies touched deep into my soul, and the ending brought tears to my eyes.  The sheer athleticism of the dancers was awe inspiring, as well as making me and my friend feel old and cranky! Swan lake doesn’t always have a happy ending, but this performance did, with the prince  dramatically defeating the evil sorcerer. It made my cry out to God for the boys and young men of our nation; that they too would be courageous and fight for what is good and true.

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