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Stinging nettle soup


Stinging nettle soup/get your own back soup. Making this is one of my childhood memories, and we now make it most years. The early nettle leaves are best; it’s apparently nutritious, and it feels good to get our own back after all those stings the previous year! And it doesn’t cost a lot….so a winner all round?!

A bag of nettles
an onion
a carrot or two
a couple of potatoes
a litre or so of stock

Fry the onion, add sliced potatoes and carrots. Sweat for a few minutes, then add nettles and stock. Simmer until nettles have softened and then blend. I then add some cream before stirring. It lasts a few days in the fridge
If you pour boiling water over the nettles they lose their sting. I only use the leaves and a few smaller stalks…think it might be stringy otherwise!


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