Day by Day


The children have always been bug collectors. Snails become suddenly loved pets and I find them escaping from their captivity into our home, earwigs are dug up and clutched in small hands, and tadpoles fished out of their natural habitat and transferred to our tadpole tank. This time, however, it’s become home to some catapillars. Last year’s contingent escaped, but these ones seem larger, so are safely ensconced.

One of the many things I love about home ed is that I can catch the wave of whatever they are interested in at a particular moment. I’m sure we all learn more effectively if it’s something we’re wanting to find out about.

So, we read “The Hungry Caterpillar”, a trip down memory lane for one girl, but still loved by the other, and explored the wonders of metamorphosis. The intricate design I see in our natural world just amazes me…and points me yet again to our Creator God.

And now for the challenge of keeping them alive till they turn into butterflies!

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