Day by Day

18 June 2018

Lanky Dude’s exams are over! He’s worked so hard and conscientiously. He’s not sure whether he will get the A he needs (maths A level), but I think our homeschool journey has been good training in how we approach exams. God loves Lanky Dude and His purposes for our children can’t be overruled by exam results. And such a small amount of who they are is measured by exams anyway. I think they need to do their part by using the abilities God has given them, and working hard, but then we can trust Him for the outcome. So, we will wait and see and work it out when the results come. And in the meantime it’s lovley to have the pressure off.

In the midst of exams it was Lanky Dude’s birthday. I’m not a great cake maker; a Victoria sponge with smarties is my staple. However, Dancing Toes is both more talented and adventurous and decided to make a popcorn cake. It looked great!

We’ve not done as many outings as usual this year;  but, while their brother has been sitting exams I’ve taken the others to a local museum, and also met up with another home ed family for time in a water park/crazy golf.  Also, after dropping Lanky Dude off at college one day, we paid a visit to our nearest Wildfowl and Wetland Trust Centre. It was a lovely time to visit as there were so many baby birds. We watched this moorhen feeding her chick.

Our  beans and peas are doing well; we planted out some squash and lettuces. But hardly any of the root veg has germinated. I must plant some more before it’s  too late.

As soon as the final exam was over, we packed up our van and headed off for a camping week end with our homeschool group. It was wonderful, as always, to spend time with such lovely people. The children all get along so well; from toddlers to late teens. They played in the woods, made campfires, whittled wood and bivvywaked overnight. We caught up on life, walked, chased after younger children and chatted round a fire in the evening. I always come away from time with them feeling accepted as who I am, encouraged in what I’m trying to do, and inspired to keep going. They are a blessing to us.

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