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11 July 2018

We are into the third week of our holiday (school friends still have a week or so to go…hooray for college terms!), and we are in Italy!  It’s every bit as beautiful as its many artists and photographers portray, and we feel hugely blessed to be here.  It’s our first family holiday by plane, so a big adventure from the start.  Our usual holidays generally involve squeezing camping kit, cooker, clothes for all weathers, books, games, frisbee, walking boots etc etc into our trusty van, and heading off to our planned location. So, minimal packing seemed rather daunting, but fortunately Techno Granny (who’s also very practical) came to the rescue with a packing list and essential extras we needed to take.

The hot, dry weather has continued unabated at home for several weeks, so we have adjusted well. And, despite being slightly hotter here, we have air conditioning in our little apartments (one for boys and one for girls as we couldn’t all get into one), and a pool to dip in and out of, so it’s feeling much more comfortable. We’ve had a slowing down day today, and we will have some more, in between exploring some of the stunning towns and cities nearby. Our two weeks of holiday at home thus far has been fun, but busy, and what with tiredness and heat, not as calm as would be nice!

A couple of week ends ago, with  our van packed to the gunnels, we set off for my cousin’s wedding. It was beautiful in every way; both the service and the reception, which was held in a marquee overlooking the rolling hills north of  Sheffield. It was such a fun day, too, seeing so many cousins, of all ages. Some of us camped that night in the next door field, and then we headed off to the Malvern for a couple more days camping.

We had one blissful morning chasing the shade, and reading or playing card games. Then, while HWH and the boys climbed the Malvern hills, the girls and I did some “out an about” learning in the town. We found the lamp post featured in CS Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.

Back home, in between packing, dentist appointments, holiday preparations, Sparkly Eyes had a birthday party (very relaxed and in the garden; crafts, games and tea), Dancing Toes cooked tea, I ventured into our extremely overgrown field and picked bowlfulls of berries, and we got more bees!

And now our Italy holiday…..

1 thought on “11 July 2018”

  1. Phew, you sure had a busy few weeks before you left. Enjoy Italy to the full. Drink in the views and culture and different ways of doing things. And some Italian wine. So proud of you to have arranged such a great week. Well done indeed. Blessings on you all.


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