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Sports day July 2018

On a particularly hot, sunny afternoon, over a hundred homeschooling children and parents gathered in a local park for our annual Sports Day, abley organised by our wonderful group facilitator.

It’s always a highlight of our homeschool calendar, with all ages joining in with various degrees of competitiveness….from toddlers determinedly persevering till they reach the finish line, to teenagers running at full pelt with all the speed and athleticism which those years bring.

We start with a picnic lunch, and end with sharing cake. And in between the children compete in running, skipping, sack, egg and spoon, wheelbarrow and three-legged races, wellie wanging and a final tug of war. They are divided into age related groups for the races, with older and younger ones joining together for wheelbarrow and piggy back races. It’s a wonderful, family atmosphere. It’s lovely to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.  The group is ever expanding.

For any who would question the social aspects of home schooling, our Sports Day would leave no doubts as to its efficacy in this area. Watching the children interact, play, chat and join in, the older ones helping the younger ones, is a wonderful testimony to home education, and I’m so thankful we can all be a part of it.

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