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Fun with autumn leaves September 2018


We’ve had a week of picture book Autumn weather…crisp mornings (the chill in the air is demonstrated by the white clouds in every breath as the boys head off for a 7:40 am bus), clear blue skies and warm sunshine  as the day progresses. It’s also been the autumn equinox and associated harvest moon…more on that in another post.

The girls and I have taken great delight in searching for berries and seeds, collecting conkers, sycamore “helicopters”, and early fallen leaves, and altogether enjoying the beauty of this season.

They both made autumn wreaths, by winding silver birch twigs into a circle and fixing on some of their finds. I usually make one too, but haven’t done so yet… I have competition now! Silver birch is very flexible and used to be used for making brooms. It’s also sometimes called “The lady of the woods”, which I think suits its graceful elegance. And, in the autumn it sheds papery seeds from its catkins, which may be known as “storm fairies”. Altogether, a pretty perfect tree for two small girls and their mum.

Seed spotting is also a good opportunity to talk about the various ways of seed dispersal; wind, water, animal digestion and fur, and self dispersal/exploding.

Below are a selection of autumn tree and seed themed books. The “Child’s guide to Trees” is one of my favourites. The garland of leaves at the top decorated our church for Harvest Festival, and the picture below are some of our own trusty autumn decorations we’ve made over the years; felt leaves (good for practicing running stitch) and some clay leaves we painted and made into a mobile.

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