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Not back to school…..September 2018



It’s always hard settling back into a routine after the luxury of long summer holidays. We were able to join our lovely home ed group group for a “not back to school”walk, and it was a treat to catch up with old friends and meet a few new families in the ever expanding group. We’ve also enjoyed the bliss of more autumn walks, quiet parks and space in the swimming pool.

We’ve had some stormy weather, and I thought the summer was over; we lit our first fire of the season. But this week, after crisp, cold mornings, the days have turned into a mellow autumn warmth. As I’ve walked into our small town, children are out playing on bikes and trikes, neighbours stand around chatting, and cats are stretched out on the pavements, all enjoying these bonus days of sunshine.

Lanky Dude is in the midst of UCAS form filling and visiting universities. I had the rare treat of spending a whole day with him, having dropped the other three off with friends, as he looked round the uni in our own “Big City”. We had a lot of fun, and I was so impressed by the enthusiasm of staff and students.

Rhythm Dude has dived head first into his first experience of full time formal education, with his usual enthusiasm. He’s doing level 1 in carpentry and joinery, with maths and English. As with his brother last year, he’s negotiated buses, made friends and seems to have found favour with his teachers…introducing himself and shaking thier hands. His dyslexia will continue to prove a challenge, but the support he will get seems good.  I’m  so proud of him.

The picture of the orange looking fluid is Irn Bru…his favoured drink. We had it in celebration of him “graduating” from homeschool, and presented him with a certificate.

So, I now only have responsibility for the girls’ academic education. Although I miss the boys, it’s a delight not to have the pressure of GCSE learning, and to be able simply to learn for fun. We went on an autumn tree and seed spotting trip last week in a place I loved visiting with the boys; it seemed a “deja vue” experience.

We’ve had the pleasure of visits from several of my Zim family; one of who’s beautiful wedding started off our summer holidays.

And then we had the great privilege of having Sally Clarkson to stay for the week end as she spoke to our home ed group. But that’s a post of its own….

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