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Mondays 15 October 2018

Monday’s generally signal the end of the week end and the beginning of the working week, starting with an early alarm. As it’s worked out for us, this year, though, both the boys have Mondays off college, so although I work with the girls and they have plenty of studying to do, we can begin our working week in a slightly more gentle fashion, as we used to when we were all homeschooling.

We had been praying that the boys’ days off would coincide, and that this might even be on a day when HWH is sometimes able to take time off, and fairly miraculously this has happened. I’m very grateful as I’m aware the seasons are passing quickly, and it may be the last year we’re all able to have a “home school” day, when we study at our own pace, and yet are together. There is also the potential for occasional family outings on days HWH can be at home, too.

Today was wild and windy. I read some storm themed books to Sparkly Eyes, and continued with “The Wizard of Oz” to both girls. Sparkly Eyes helped me make the soup and rolls for lunch. I’m able to spend some time with Rhythm Dude on a Monday, which is a highlight for me. It almost feels an indulgence to be able to learn together for the sheer interest of the subject, rather than be tied to learning to pass an exam. We’re reading through “The Fallacy Detective” by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn, which teaches us some logical reasoning. Rhythm Dude seems naturally good at this, and we have fun spotting the various fallacies at the end of each chapter; he is much better than me at this.

A few years ago, I decided it would be “educational” for us to watch “Coast”. As there never seemed to be time in our day to watch TV, we set the computer up at the table, and had one lunchtime viewing a week. This has turned into a bit of an anticipated habit,  and we’ve watched no end of series now, some with more educational value than others! We’ve enjoyed Spring/Autumn watch, numerous BBC living history programmes, Ray Mears and Michael Palin travel programmes, The Great British Bake off and many more. As we now have the opportunity to continue this “lunch time learning” we’ve started on “A house through time” another BBC living history documentary.

Rhythm Dude is kept busy on Mondays; as well as time with me, he has a lesson with his dyslexia teacher, goes to the gym and then to supper with a good buddy.  Lanky Dude went for a two hour cycle ride, starting when there was a reprieve in the weather, but coming home against the wind and rain.

My day ended with a real treat; a friend and I went to a showing of “The Guernsey Literary Society and Potato Peel Pie”, at a local school. It’s a fun way of seeing films; tea and coffee are served in china cups and saucers (although I brought my coffee, together with a bar of chocolate with me), and as it’s a popular event, it was fun catching up with a number of other friends, some from way back when we all had little boys together!  The film was beautiful; thought provoking, tear inducing, and with stunning scenery. And for anyone who’d like more of a glimpse of what home ed might look like on Guernsey I’ve found a lovely blog at  I’d recommend it.

So, I’m grateful for our Mondays; time to be together in the way we have done for years, despite the squabbles, the arguments over seemingly trivial things and the increasing intensity of the work for the boys. But that’s family; generally messy, always challenging and so much loved. And gently changing through each season.



1 thought on “Mondays 15 October 2018”

  1. Another interesting piece. Glad you enjoyed the film. Visiting Geurnsey has added to my understanding of what the people went through and the echos remain to this day.


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