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16 November 2018

November has come with many misty days, interspersed with the occasional one with a “gin clear sky” (I read that description this week and it made me smile!).

Following several conversations, I’ve been mulling over both the daily and long term nature of mothering. I think so often the necessity of hard work, perseverance, and trusting God for each day is undervalued. We live in a quick fix society and I think some church cultures also have imbibed this; there just isn’t the expectation that we have to “work out our salvation”,  and this means daily putting the effort in! Parenting is hard work, and we have to just keep investing in our children day by day; I think we’ve been sold a lie if we believe it can be anything else.

I’ve also recently been seeing the value of using written prayers in my personal prayer time with God. I generally just talk to him about what’s on my mind, pray Scripture, and follow the list that I have (I am a list pray-er). But, when I’m tired, to be able to read something which has been thought through is such a blessing. This is one I read often.

Lord Jesus, grant us daily grace for for daily need;        daily patience for a daily cross;   daily, hourly, incessant love of Thee to take up our cross daily and bear it after Thee.     We ask this for Thine own Name’s sake.                                      Christina Rossetti.

I like this prayer in that it affirms both my need for God’s help and my need to be filled with his love each day.


The half term holiday disappeared far too quickly, somewhat in a cloud of coughs and colds. HWH and the boys had a couple of days camping with cousins in Exmoor; restorative for their minds and souls but not so beneficial for Lanky Dude’s asthma. The girls and I had our picnics inside, with candles and warmth! We made fudge, played with friends and had some much needed down time. It was especially sweet having some more concerntrated time with Dancing Toes; as she grows in maturity, I am so grateful I am the one who is able to answer her many questions, and speak truth and affirmation into her life; a real priveledge.


We had a lovely visit from some of our friends from the home ed group; I am always encouraged after spending time with them.  And we had a couple of slower days with time for hot chocolate, cake (made by Dancing Toes, who was justifiably upset when she discovered the last few in the cake tin going mouldy!) and an audible story. Our half term listen was  Ember Rising, by ND Smith; there were a couple of more gory bits so the boys finished it by themselves and I need to pre listen before the girls finish it.


We finally celebrated Sparkly Eyes’ birthday…from the summer…and headed to the Big City for a meal. We happened to be there on a day when the old Victorian cranes and steam train at the docks were working, which were fun to watch.


The week seemed too short, but as it happened, Rhythm Dude had several extra days off the following week, and Lanky Dude had one day off due to illness, so our week was extended a little.

It’s been feeling very autumnal, with misty days and lots of leaves on the ground to scuff. This week began well, with us all watching “Bend it like Beckham” at our local, tiny cinema, as part of the Into Film festival. (Provides free film viewings for school aged children). As well as being fun, it prompted some great discussions with the three older ones. (Sparkly Eyes just liked sitting on the sofa at the back and eating Minstrels!).

The girls and I also had another morning in Granny’s Cathedral City. I again had a blissful and soul restoring time in a coffee shop with my Bible, journal and iPad, and after lunch we all went to look at the stunning display of knitted poppies.


Dancing Toes held the flag for her Brownie pack during the Remembrance Day service last week. And we had some lively discussions around the wearing of poppies and their colours. We all concluded it is good to remember and honour those who have given their lives, in more recent conflicts as well as in the two World Wars. And those who live with the consequences of war daily.  We owe them much.





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