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Moon project September/October 2018


We had a harvest moon back in September. This is the full moon which occurs nearest to the autumn equinox.  It rises very close to sunset, low in the sky and appears very bright due to the tilt of the earth (I don’t really understand this, but Lanky Dude explained it to us). Its light was helpful for all those gathering in the harvest, thus it’s colloquial name. We decided to link this with observing the moon for a month.  The girls made charts on which to record what the moon looked like each night. We forgot some nights, some nights it was cloudy, but the interest it created in the girls has been great. And it’s also reassuring  to me that we can do something very imperfectly and yet still spark an interest within our children that continues. And Sparkly Eyes is now reassured that the moon isn’t made out of cheese.


We looked at VanGogh’s painting “Starry Night”, and read and re-read a poem by RL Stevenson (one of my childhood favourites) called simply “The Moon”.

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